Country Palatines

Saison 2017 - 2018

Cours Débutant

- Beautiful day

- Thinkin country

- Get down the fiddle

- Happy happy happy


Cours Intermédiaire

- Flatliner

- Chasing down a good time

- Nancy mulligan

- Ouzo & black

- Teach my to fly

- American land






Saison 2016 - 2017

Cours Intermédiaire

- make-it-hurt

- good-luck-girl

- when-i-m-gone

- Bush party

- Never ever go away

- Side by side

- Master of tides

- Old beach roller coaster

- Say geronimo

- Dear friend

- Won't ya come down

- Boomerang

- Here's to you & I

- Somebody like you

- Untamed

- You belong

- Be strong


Cours Débutant

- One more night

- Belfast polka

- Swingin' thing

- Big blue tree

- Drunken sailor

- On the waves

- Little wagon wheel

- Rock'n roll cowboy

- Good luck girl

- Bring on the good time

- Just add moonlight

- Indian sound

- Go shanty

- American kids

- Foxy girl

- Greater than me









  Saison 2015 - 2016  

 Débutant     Intermédiaire  
All about a woman Quitter
Joke Hey man
Celtic na la Dancing in the moonlight
Joana Lips so close
Camp one St patrick's reel
Traveling gypsy Greater than me
My everything Waiting
Tag on We only live once
Two boys Bruises
Drunken sailor Ding dang darn it
The harvester


American kids Fifty two beers ago
The galway gathering Dance of love
Good time girls Gerry's reel
Homegrown Good girls gone bad
Colorado girl (partner) Say geronimo
Power Patsy fagan
We only live once Twist & turn
Indian sound Lay low
Step off Bring down the house

Saison 2014 - 2015



          Débutant/Novices Intermédiaire
  Révisions   The Boat to liverpool
  Come back my love   Ginet's cha cha
  Just add moonlight   Alabama boy
  P 3   Celtic teardrops
  Two Boys   Mexifest
  Gold digger   Raggle taggle gypsy O
 rock-n-roll-cowboy.pdf   You got away
 week-end-girl.pdf  Drowning
smiling-song.pdf sweet-delight-partner.pdf
indian-sound.pdf lucky-you.pdf
the-galway-gathering.pdf the-final-test.pdf
swagger.pdf recto-verso.pdf
just-a-little-love.pdf that-don-t-impress-me-much-1.pdf
american-kids.pdf mona-lisa.pdf
  Goodbye monday